The Purposeful Nurse was formed by nurses after seeing so many gaps in health care that have only become larger. Though many of the patients we encounter have some form of healthcare, it’s simply not enough. It is not enough health care benefits to keep that patient safe at home, in good control of their disease, living a quality life. We find our citizens with co-pays and spend downs they can’t afford. We find our neighbors with a host of medications but with no resources to afford to eat a diet that supports the efforts. We find care givers whose lives are in shambles as they try to care for others but are unable to fully care for themselves. The Purposeful Nurse will work with other agencies and advocates to bridge the gaps that are plaguing our communities.

The Purposeful Nurses’ goals are:

1.      To provide and prepare healthful meals that lessens the impact of the senior’s disease.

2.      To assist seniors with affording additional caregiver hours that will help them stay safely in their home.

3.      To assist seniors with off-setting the burden of large spenddowns that impacts their quality of life.

4.      To provide opportunities for fun and fitness

5.      To educate the community on how to navigate the healthcare system.